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Trauma Recovery and Resilience Research Project

The Trauma Recovery and Resiliency Research Project of the Victims of Violence Program was originally approved by The Cambridge Hospital Institutional Review Board in 1992. Each year, a number of clinicians, researchers and trainees have joined us to assist with some aspect of the overall research project and to pursue annually established research goals.

Multidimensional Assessment of Trauma Impact, Recovery and Resilience:
A long-standing interest at the Victims of Violence Program is in assessing trauma impact, recovery and resilience evinced by trauma survivors on each of eight domains of psychological functioning: authority over memory, integration of memory and affect, affect tolerance and regulation, symptom mastery and positive coping, self care and self esteem, self-cohesion, safe attachment and meaning.

Two measures have been developed in the course of this research at VOV by the principal investigator (Harvey et al, 1994; Harvey et al, 2000; Harvey et al, 2003; copies available on this website) for this purpose: (1) the Multidimensional Trauma Recovery and Resiliency Interview (MTRR-I) and (2) a companion rating scale (MTRR) )The measures have been translated into a number of languages and utilized by researchers in diverse settings as well as by VOV clinician-researchers. At VOV, MTRR-Is have been conducted with patients entering individual and/or group treatment and at later points in the treatment process. MTRR ratings have been obtained from ratings of the MTRR-Is by clinician-researchers conducting the interviews and, with patient consent, from their treating clinician. Data analysis is ongoing and involves comparison of both quantitative changes in ratings as well as qualitative differences observed in the interview transcripts from the first to second interview.  Both measures have been utilized by researchers in diverse research settings (see:  Harvey, M.R. and Tummala-Narra, P. Sources and Expressions of Resiliency in Trauma Survivors, J. Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma, 14 (1/2), 2007).

Core Project Staff:
Mary R. Harvey, Ph.D. (Study Director)
Diya Kallivayallil, Ph.D.

MTRR Resources:
MTRR Scale
MTRR Interview
MTRRI Short Form
MTRR Letter to Researchers