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What We Do

CHA doctors understand and help treat diseases of the endocrine system, which controls the glands in your body.

Conditions Treated

High blood pressure  Cholesterol (lipid) disorders
Diabetes (high or low blood sugar) Infertility
Endocrine gland problems PCOS (polycystic ovaries)
Transgender issues Thyroid problems
Weight problems Hormone imbalance
Menopause Osteoporosis (weak bones)

Special Services or Tests

Thyroid fine needle aspiration Endocrine testing 
Radioactive iodine therapy Management of diabetes
Management of hormone disorders

Ages Seen

Medical Specialties - 15 years and older
Department of Pediatrics - Pedi clinic available. Call 617-665-1264 for details.

Contact Us
Cambridge Hospital
Phone: 617-665-1552
Fax: 617-665-1425

Somerville Hospital
Phone: 617-591-4350
Fax: 617-591-4360

Whidden Hospital
Phone: 617-394-7731
Fax: 617-381-7218

Pediatric Endocrinology
Phone: 617-665-1264
Fax: 617-665-1835
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