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Thursday CIR Meetings

CIR membership meeting will happen once a month in Learning Center C/D. A liaison to the union will always be there (usually this will be Sefira Bell-Masterson), as well as any guest speakers that have been arranged. The goals of this meeting are 3-fold.

  1. For union members to learn about new services/plans of the CIR and our local chapter,
  2. For union members to share any concern about working conditions or member benefits and to suggest new ideas for union-related initiatives,
  3. To get updates/education on topics that are likely of interest to us.

These range from updates on new health policy and health insurance-related bills being debated in the Massachusetts legislature to tips on stress management and nutrition. If someone has an idea for a topic they would like to teach or have taught at a CIR meeting, you should get in touch with a rep from the residency program or with Sefira directly at 617-414-5301 or