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First Year Fellows

Stephanie Hernandez, DO

Stephanie HernandezHi! I was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago and completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia, I developed a passion for community outreach after helping teach health sciences to inner-city high school students. I continued working within the community during my adult training at Baylor College of Medicine, where I developed a mental health wellness program for junior high and high school students. Interviewing at Cambridge Health Alliance, I found it encompassed everything I was looking for in a program: a dedication to working within the community and its systems, a strong foundation in psychotherapy, along with a multitude of opportunities and resources to explore and progress my individual interests. Along with the thoughtful planning of the program’s curriculum, perhaps most important to me was the genuine warmth and caring nature of the faculty and fellows I met. All together, I felt CHA would be an amazing environment for this stage of my training and would well prepare me for the next.

Louis Ostrowsky, MD

I completed my undergraduate studies in Biochemistry and Applied Anthropology at American University in Washington, DC. My interest in psychiatry emerged during the following two years while coordinating clinical trials at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where I found I gravitated to addressing the psychosocial consequences of terminal illness. I then went on to medical training in Chicago at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine where I graduated with Distinction in Research. I completed my residency in psychiatry here at the Cambridge Health Alliance, where I served as Chief Resident at MIT Mental Health and Counseling. My interests include psychodynamic psychotherapy, child and adolescent identity formation, family therapy, medical student and resident education, and learning more about the factors that promote resilience in the patients and families that I see.

James Palmer, MD

James PalmerI was born in a small town in Utah where I grew to appreciate the importance and support of that community. As I worked through undergraduate studies at the University of Utah at an adolescent residential treatment center, I began to see the role of child and adolescent psychiatry to be involved in developing communities for those patients. The experiences I had in that setting as well as clinical rotations in medical school informed my decision to train in psychiatry. I began general psychiatry training in Arizona in a program that provided focus to community psychiatry and am elated with opportunity to further specialize in child and adolescent psychiatry here at Cambridge Health Alliance. In becoming acquainted with the program through interview season, I was impressed with the wealth of training opportunities this program offered with expert faculty and colleagues as well as with a significantly diverse and underserved population that allows further focus to training in systems of care and community child and adolescent psychiatry. My wife and three children are grateful for this opportunity to be in Boston and join with me to be part of this new community.

Margaret Spottswood, MD

I decided to stay at CHA following my excellent general psychiatry training here because of the culture: a culture that treats individuals in a way that honors their humanity, one in which there is a commitment to finding the best outcomes for children and families, and a culture with the goal of continual improvement. I find the teachers and patients incredibly inspiring and I am thrilled to be part of this group of trainees. Specific interests include integrated care, trainee teaching and research, and how relationships connect and heal.

Jessica Stern, MD

Jessica SternOn my interview day at CHA it was so clear to me that this program places an extraordinary value on clinical excellence and comprehensive thoughtful care for each patient. I knew that it was exactly the kind of community where I wanted to learn and work. I’m arriving here at CHA after 4 years at the Harvard Longwood residency where I have had the opportunity to treat a wide range of patients and have been able to cultivate some particular interests in perinatal psychiatry, early psychosis work and psychotherapy for a broad population of patients with a variety of techniques. Last year I was enrolled in a one year long psychodynamic psychotherapy fellowship at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and also had the ability to maintain a focus on psychotherapy in my role as an outpatient chief resident. I hope to be able to continue to nurture these interests and expand them into a population of children, adolescents and their families. I’m eager to learn about the fields of infant mental health, early attachment interventions, family therapy and play therapy. It is particularly exciting to have the opportunity to learn about this field of child and adolescent psychiatry within a community treatment setting. I have recently moved across the river from Boston to join the Cambridge community myself and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Second Year Fellows

Josepha Iluonakhamhe, MD

Josepha Iluonakhamhe, MDI was born and raised in Benin city, Nigeria. I have lived in the United States for over 10 years. I attended Georgia Institute of Technology and majored in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Neuroengineering. I attended Georgia Regent University (Medical College of Georgia) and completed my adult psychiatry training at the University of Virginia. I interviewed at several other programs but chose CHA because I believe that this program emphasizes teaching, had very approachable faculty, and a collegial environment. My academic interests include bipolar spectrum disorders and primary thought disorders. When not working, I spend my time watching foreign TV shows, dancing, and yoga.

Damien Larkins, MD

Damien LarkinsI hail from New Orleans but I've had a wonderful time these past few years between Atlanta, Nashville and Houston. I decided for fellowship to search within and beyond the South for a training program that would best allow me to find myself as a psychiatrist. Deciding to leave warm climates, I sought a program where I would feel a different type of warmth. CHA was already high on my list after speaking with a former Baylor trainee who spoke glowingly of his time as part of the CHA family. I learned quickly the theme of “family” was one of CHA’s greatest strengths, and I experienced this during my visit. I also appreciated the community focus, the psychotherapy support and the wealth of knowledge, experience and interests of the faculty. My own interests are varied. I enjoy working with youth with developmental disorders and also have a fondness for youth affected by various traumas. Personally, I enjoy sports with my fanaticism aimed squarely at the hometown Saints, Duke basketball and LSU football. Speaking of being a fanatic, I've never met a decadent chocolate dessert I didn't love. I'm thrilled to have joined the CHA family.

Sara Lozyniak, MD

Sara Lozyniak, MDI started my clinical work driving an ambulance through snowdrifts to reach isolated farmhouses and impoverished patients who rarely sought medical care. Eventually, I went to medical school in Syracuse, NY. Psychiatry drew me in because of its close attention to people’s relationships. Before coming to Cambridge, I spent 3 years at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC, where my mentors encouraged me to look at CHA for my child and adolescent fellowship training. I have a strong interest in community mental health care and the provision of care to underserved populations, and I am deeply impressed by the community of clinicians at CHA. I came to CHA because of the warmth of the faculty and fellows, their intellectual curiosity and clear joy in teaching, and their dedication to outstanding patient care. Outside the clinic, I tend to spend my time outdoors with friends and family. I enjoy running, biking, backpacking, climbing, kayaking, and spontaneous road trips.

Marisa Mendel, MD

Marisa Mendel, MDI have been planning on completing a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship since I first applied to psychiatry residencies. I first started hearing about the phenomenal program at Cambridge Health Alliance from fellow Harvard Longwood Psychiatry Residents and alumni during my PGY-1 year, and have hoped to pursue my training at Cambridge ever since. I feel so privileged to be able to see this dream come to fruition. I am excited to join the Cambridge Health Alliance Community, and am compelled by its sense of family, overwhelming acceptance, warmth and compassion, emphasis on psychodynamic treatments, and exceptional reputation for providing outstanding clinical training. I have always been fascinated by how adolescents negotiate the transitional years where they grapple with independence, while still craving the comfort of home, such as in the field of college mental health. However, as my training has progressed, I find I am interested in a wide variety of ages and diagnoses, from infant mental health through adolescence and early adulthood, from mood disorders to early psychosis .In my free time I love painting and hope to illustrate and create children's books and projects related to combining art and therapy.

Joshua Williams, MD

Joshua Williams, MDCHA seemed like a natural fit for me. I've always valued the chance to better the communities in which I've lived through my day to day work and service but also through seeking answers to the broader questions about how systems and policies can better serve children and families in need. It was clear that the people I met at CHA shared this passion. It was also clear that they were a family and supported each other on many fronts. This was a family I wanted to be a part of. My clinical and research interests within adult and child psychiatry include global mental health, more specifically mental health care in China, and addressing patient's religious and spiritual concerns.

My family is my biggest interest outside of the hospital I enjoy spending time with my wife and my two year old son. Residency didn't leave time for much else, but I'm looking forward to fellowship so that I can rediscover some of things I love like playing the piano and outdoor activities (running, hiking, biking, and skiing).