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American Medical Association

What doctors wish patients knew about vitamins and supplements

New York Times

What to Know About White Mulberry Leaf

Creatine Won't Magically Give You Abs. Here's What It Might Do.

CHA physician and supplement expert featured in New York Times

The Problem with Probiotics

When Teen Boys Use Supplements

Opinion: Conflicts of Interest at the FDA

Why a Lot of Important Research is not Being Done

Why Dangerous Supplements Linger on Shelves

Ingredients of Shady Origins, Posing as Supplements

Time Magazine

What the Science Says About the Health Benefits of Vitamins and Supplements

CHA Physician Shares Insight for TIME Story on Vitamins and Supplements Dr. Pieter Cohen offers tips on avoiding potentially harmful product

Wall Street Journal

The Illegal Ingredients in Your Dietary Supplements

Do Dietary Supplements Help or Hurt Children?

FDA Challenges Supplement Makers’ Marketing Claims

New Evidence for Critics of Weight-Loss and Sports Supplements

Washington Post

Prohibited, unlisted, even dangerous ingredients turn up in dietary supplements

Brain-boosting supplements may have high doses of unapproved Rx medications

GNC, Target, Wall-Mart, Wallgreens accused of selling adulterated "herbals"

Some good reasons to be cautious about using dietary supplements

Study warns about dangers of using weight loss supplements


On Amazon, Dubious 'Antiviral' Supplements Proliferate Amid Pandemic

No Wonder It Works So Well: There May Be Viagra In That Herbal Supplement

Popular Workout Booster Draws Safety Scrutiny

Caffeine In Supplements Varies Widely

Stat+ News

A supplement maker tried to silence this Harvard doctor — and put academic freedom on trial

Risky stimulants turn up — again — in weight loss and workout supplements

New research finds unapproved drugs in brain-boosting supplements

Diane Rehm

Safety and Regulation of Dietary Supplements


Nearly 800 dietary supplements contained unapproved drug ingredients, study finds

Warning: Men’s natural sex supplements may not be

FOX News

Unapproved drugs found in cognitive supplements: study

Some supplements on market contain untested stimulant


'Brain-boosting' supplements may contain unapproved drugs, study says

Hidden dangers lurk in over-the-counter supplements, study warns

The Harvard Gazette

Taking second look at daily multivitamins

Consumer Reports

Marketers Are Using Facebook to Promote Dangerous and Illegal Supplements


Study: Multivitamins, not cocoa extract, may benefit seniors' thinking, reasoning

Being Patient

Dopamine Bean: Do Dopa Mucuna Supplements Work?


PBS News Hour

HBO Real Sports

Healthy Skeptic Podcast

Natural Products Insider Legal Briefs Podcast

Lecture on Supplement Safety

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