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Podiatric Research Studies

The knowledge gained from medical research can lead to new treatments or cures. Our podiatrists contribute to medical research by conducting clinical trials.

Clinical trials test experimental drugs or medical devices in humans. The scientific data collected in a trial is used to determine whether the new treatment is safe and effective. Usually, a trial compares the test product to another treatment with a known effect. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requires that companies conduct clinical trials before a new drug or treatment can be sold legally in the U.S.

Clinical trials rely on volunteers. If you meet the requirements for enrollment in a trial, you are free to choose to take part. If you choose not to take part, your decision will not change the standard of care you receive from your doctor or from Cambridge Health Alliance. There are benefits and risks to participating in a study, and our staff is committed to protecting the rights and health of study volunteers. We ensure every participant understands fully the purpose, benefits, and risks of a study before they are enrolled. During a study, we closely monitor each participant's health and well-being.

Current Studies:

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers