Industry Expertise

CHA has years of experience serving many different industry sectors - like manufacturing, transportation, health care, life sciences and municipalities.

Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

We currently provide on-site staffing of Medical Directors, Occupational Health Nurses and Ergonomists to several national and international firms in the metro Boston area.

A sample of the services offered:

  • Clinical Supervision for on-site Employee Health units
  • Oversight for all Occupational Health on-site services
  • Consultation services to Environmental Health and Safety, Human Resources, Veterinarians, Department Managers, First Responders, Workers Compensation Insurance representatives
  • Specialized evaluations for chemical and bio-hazard exposures
  • Preventative program development for Vivarium and other research staff
  • Support for Institutional Biosafety Committees and attendance at meetings
  • Development of pre-hire medical surveillance screening programs for employees and on-site vendors
  • Collaboration with Environmental Health and Safety to foster safe work practices and sustainable risk management activities
  • Disability Management interface with managers and supervisors to facilitate appropriate return to work for all work/non-work related cases

Public Safety

We partner with local municipalities and ambulance service providers to help them address the specific and unique healthcare needs of their Public Safety and EMS employees. CHA was chosen by these employers based on our international reputation and expertise among public safety personnel.

Our chief of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Stefanos N. Kales, MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM, has participated in a wide range of research, advisory, and teaching activities on five continents, resulting in over 100 publications. Dr. Kales brings particular expertise in the health of firefighters and other public safety professionals, and has received Massachusetts, US Federal, and Canadian funding to investigate firefighter health. Highlights include research on the clinical epidemiology of cardiovascular events in firefighters and determining the causal relationship between heart disease and job activities. His group identified the first definitive statistical association of strenuous job tasks and on-duty cardiovascular deaths, which was subsequently confirmed in a New England Journal of Medicine publication.

As a result of these efforts, Dr. Kales has influenced national thinking regarding firefighter’s fitness for duty, the need for improved wellness programs, better control of risk factors, and whether firefighters can safely return to work in the presence of significant heart disease, as well as methods for determining the causal relationship of heart disease among public safety personnel to their job activities and other factors. He was a plenary speaker at the National Fallen Firefighters’ Foundation 2011 summit on these issues, and in 2013, he was presented the Kehoe Award for Excellence in Education and Research by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) for this influential work.

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