Clinical Services

Assessment and Trauma Treatment

Clinical care (psychological assessment, treatment planning and psychotherapy) for adult survivors of physical and sexual violence

Group Program

A wide array of groups, (including groups for adult survivors of childhood abuse and domestic violence and groups for parents, partners, siblings and children of murdered family members).

Acute Crimes Services

Crisis intervention and response (initial crisis assessment, treatment planning and episodic or time-limited crisis-focused psychotherapy) for acutely traumatized crime victims and their families.

The Center for Homicide Bereavement

“It’s all too common: the homicides on the street, in the parks, in the schools, and in the homes. Sometimes it’s a single person, sometimes, it is many. Family members of the victims reel from the abrupt, devastating loss of loved ones and go through weeks and months trying to comprehend that it has actually happened, and that it cannot be reversed. This is the traumatic grief work initially – surviving minute to minute, hour to hour – and slowly and painfully absorbing the reality and the finality. Then begins the arduous, grueling work of how to live in a world without the other; how eventually to go from surviving to perhaps, participating in life again someday--in an altered life with new terrain” - (Aldrich, H. & Kallivayalil, D. 2013. Journal of Loss and Trauma publication)

Who We Are

Since its inception in 2002, the CHB has served over hundreds of parents, siblings, children, extended family, friends and witnesses of homicide victims and offers a wide range of services including crisis intervention, ongoing traumatic grief counseling, psychiatric triage, homicide bereavement groups, and community commemorative forums. Additionally CHB staff offer group debriefings to community settings traumatized by acts of homicide. Counseling is offered in a quiet, safe, private office in Central Square and in people’s homes. CHB clients are diverse in age, race, gender and socioeconomic status, cultural background, language and ethnicity. They have lost loved ones to street violence, domestic violence, political violence, and vehicular homicide. Although our clients live in this area, the violent deaths of those they lost may have taken place in local communities, in other states and in other countries – recently or in years past.

Losing a loved one to murder is a singular, incomprehensible, horrific loss for families with unique features which set surviving family members apart in their experience of a life-altering experience of traumatic loss. CHB staff are highly trained, experienced clinicians working with this unique, under-served and vulnerable population.

What We Do

The Center for Homicide Bereavement provides bilingual/tri-cultural services to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one to murder. In the life-altering aftermath of homicidal loss, the CHB staff offers crisis counseling and support, ongoing traumatic grief counseling with adults, children and families, advocacy and homicide bereavement support groups. In the CHB office and in families' homes, the aims of all CHB services are to provide timely, sensitive and confidential care to those experiencing devastating loss, to reduce isolation and foster healing connection with others.

All services are free of charge

Location: 675 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139
Contact CHB: 617-591-6123

*This program is supported by the Massachusetts Office for Victims Assistance through the 1984 VOCA grant from the Office for Victims of Crime, OJP, US Department of Justice.

The Victim Resource Center

If you or someone you love has been affected by violence, hatred or abuse, the Victim Resource Center is here to help you rebuild your life. Violence or abuse can happen to anyone. Victims of violence or abuse sometimes feel isolated and alone, reluctant to reach out to others. You may experience feelings of fear, numbness and shock, helplessness, anger, anxiety, depression and even guilt or self-blame. You may have questions about how to cope with your physical injuries, how to heal from the emotional impact of your experiences, how to file a report with the police, and what the court process would be like for you. Or you may just want someone to talk to - someone who understands.

Who We Are

We are Victim Services Specialists experienced in the areas of trauma, victimization, victim advocacy and the criminal justice system. We work directly with victims to make sure that they have access to community resources, medical services and the courts. Our services are always confidential and are provided at no cost.

What We Do

We provide crisis counseling and support for you and your loved ones. We assist with safety planning for you and your family. We act as a liaison with social service agencies, the courts and police. We make appropriate referrals to health, legal and other community services to ensure that each client gets the best possible care, advice, and support. We assist with filing for Victim Compensation. We offer training and consultation services to the community.

Contact VRC: 617-665-2992

*This program is supported by the Massachusetts Office for Victims Assistance through the 1984 VOCA grant from the Office for Victims of Crime, OJP, US Department of Justice.

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