Aging Wisely Everett

Are you an older adult near Everett, MA who wants a fun way to stay healthy and feel better?

Let's do it together!

Join us at the Connolly Senior Center. Our health and wellness programs are fun, free and specially designed for people 60 and older.

Aging Wisely Everett is run by the CHA Department of Community Health Improvement in partnership with the Everett Council on Aging and the Everett Foundation for the Aged.

Physical Activity Classes

The Aging Wisely Everett Program offers a variety of physical activity classes created just for older adults:

  • Low-Impact Aerobic Exercise: Go at your own pace in this high-energy class that includes weight training for strength. Whether you are already active or don't exercise at all, this class has something for you.
    • Everett Armory, 90 Chelsea Street. Monday 11 a.m. – noon, Wednesday & Friday 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.
  • Interval Training Aerobics: Pair dance fitness moves and bursts of strength training for a fun and effective total body workout.
    • Everett Armory, 90 Chelsea Street. Friday 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
  • Tai Chi: This relaxing, "no-impact" class will make your balance better and lower your stress. The class is designed for all activity levels, but you do need to stand while you do Tai Chi.
    • Everett Armory, 90 Chelsea Street, Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
  • Movement to Music: This relaxing, yoga-style, “no-impact” class will make your balance better and lower your stress. The class is designed for all activity levels. Whether you are already active or don’t exercise at all, this class has something for you.
    • Everett Armory, 90 Chelsea Street, Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Health Screenings and Health Education

Whether you want to learn more about eating healthy or need to keep track of your blood pressure, the Aging Wisely Everett Program offers programs that can help you.

  • Blood Pressure and Other Health Screenings (Everett Residents only): If your doctor has asked you to track your health readings, this program is right for you. You can also visit us for a quick check between doctor visits.
    • Everett Armory, 90 Chelsea Street Mondays 9:00-10:30am (Blood Pressure only)
    • Everett Armory, 90 Chelsea Street, 1st Monday of Month By Appointment. To make an appointment for Glucose and Cholesterol screening, please sign up during blood pressure hours or call 617-591-6741.
    • Screenings also take place at the following housing communities for their residents at the Everett Villa Co-op Apartments and Glendale Towers. Please contact us at 617-591-6741 for dates.
  • Healthy Eating for Successful Living for Older Adults: This six-week program teaches nutritional and lifestyle changes that promote better health. Classes meet for 2 ½ hrs. once a week for six weeks. Join us to discover how you can make small changes that can make a BIG difference in your health
  • My Life, My Health – Diabetes: This six-week program is for seniors with Type 2 Diabetes and their caregivers. It is especially helpful for those who were recently diagnosed with this chronic condition. The program helps seniors learn how to live with diabetes, self-manage the symptoms, make healthy lifestyle changes, communicate more effectively with their doctor, and much more! Classes meet for 2 ½ hrs once a week for six week. Please call 617-591-6741 for more information or to sign-up for the next series.
  • Healthy Nutrition Group: This group meets each month on the same Friday as the Health Presentation. Learn more about nutrition to improve your health and manage your weight. Develop action plans to achieve your nutrition goals.
    • Everett Armory, 90 Chelsea Street, 9:00 a.m. on the Friday of the monthly Health Presentation
  • Monthly Health Education Programs: Come join us to learn about different ways you can stay healthy and feel well. If there is something you want to hear about, please let us know. Health information is presented in the form of a game show (complete with lifelines!) so everyone has fun while learning. Regularly offered on the second Friday of each month unless impacted by conflicting events. For exact dates and times, please check the Golden Times Newsletter or call 617-591-6741.

Quick facts about your health *

As people get older, they may find it hard to stay active. But older adults need physical activity as much as younger people - maybe more. Staying active keeps you healthy - and it can help you enjoy life more. If you are an older adult, just 30 minutes of moderate activity (like walking) 5 times a week can make a big difference.

Physical activity and strength training can:

  • Relieve your arthritis pain: Staying active can reduce pain and improve how well your joints work.
  • Restore your balance and reduce falls: Balance exercises like yoga or tai chi can cut your risk of falling in half.
  • Strengthen bones: Strength training can increase bone density and reduce fractures in women over 50.
  • Control your weight: Keeping your weight down can help protect you from heart attacks, stroke and diabetes. Physical activity and strength training can help you lose extra weight and keep it off.
  • Improve your control of high blood sugar: High blood sugar can cause serious health problems, especially if you have diabetes. Strength training can help you control your blood sugar.
  • Reduce depression and make you feel better: Physical activity can have the same effect as anti-depressant medicines. Being active can also help you feel more confident and raises your self-esteem.
  • Keep your mind sharp: Staying active can help prevent memory loss and keep you thinking clearly.
  • Help you sleep better: People who are active fall asleep faster and sleep better and longer.
  • Make your heart stronger: Regular physical activity strengthens your heart and helps protect you from heart attack and stroke.

* Data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, 2006.

People Are Talking

What people say about Aging Wisely Everett:

"I'm so thankful the community offers this program. It's changed my life so much. Last year at this time I had difficulty climbing the stairs and now I go up and down with no effort. I can do so much more than before."

"This class helps to alleviate my mental depression that I sometimes have on dark, dismal winter mornings. The people here are friendly and social. I enjoy their company before and after class."

"Prior to this program, I was unable to exercise. The stretching has enabled me to come off my meds and stay pain free."

"It helps me to keep my weight down. It gets me out of the house and meet people. It helps me keep my blood pressure down."

"It has given me something to look forward to and keep me healthy."