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  • Breathing Easier

    Breathing Easier

    “I have never received better medical care at any point in the medical system.” (CHA patient) Patients at CHA’s new Respiratory Clinic at the Broadway Care Center in Somerville are getting timely care for COVID-19 and, in most cases, are staying out ...

  • Respiremos con calma

    Respiremos con calma

    Nunca he recibido mejor atención médica por parte del sistema médico”. (paciente de CHA) Los pacientes de la nueva Clínica Respiratoria de CHA en el Broadway Care Center en Somerville están recibiendo atención por el COVID-19 a tiempo y, en la mayorí...

  • CHA partnership with a community college provides careers

    CHA partnership with a community college provides careers

    Student loan debt in the United States topped $1.5 trillion in 2019 . The ever-increasing cost of secondary education is leading to a crisis as countless people are strapped with debt before they start a family or career. The average cost of fees plu...

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  • The power of patient navigation

    The power of patient navigation

    By Katie Teague , MSW, Program Manager, Health Education and Access Programs After answering 12 phone calls, scheduling seven appointments and missing five, a patient, who we will call “Jane,” arrived at Cambridge Hospital Primary Care for her first ...

    Innovation, Staying Healthy
  • Connecting with Arabic-speaking patients

    Connecting with Arabic-speaking patients

    Ali Abdalkadir fled Iraq in 2007 seeking safety from violence and war. Ali and his wife were threatened multiple times for his role interpreting speeches and other information for the government-run Iraqi Media Network. Today, Ali is a CHA medical in...

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  • Autism Awareness Month

    Autism Awareness Month

    By Laura Gaugh, PsyD , Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Child Outpatient Psychiatric Services, and Lee Robinson, MD , Child Psychiatrist, Child Outpatient Services Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are developmental disabilities that affect the way people ...

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  • One year of the Recovery Coach program

    One year of the Recovery Coach program

    Submitted by Randi Sokol , MD, MPH, MMedEd, a physician at the CHA Malden Family Medicine Center and director of faculty development and the pain/addictions curriculum for the Tufts University Family Medicine Residency at CHA "I remember that day qui...

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  • CHA delivers compassionate care to all

    CHA delivers compassionate care to all

    Cambridge Health Alliance serves one of the most diverse patient populations in the United States. Forty-three percent of primary care patients at CHA have limited English proficiency and require the support of a medical interpreter. CHA's Multicultu...

  • The Chelsea Hub CHA partnership

    The Chelsea Hub CHA partnership

    In 2015, CHA Everett Hospital joined an innovative partnership spearheaded by the Chelsea Police Department that acts as a crisis intervention service for members of the community facing addiction, homelessness, mental health challenges and other obs...

  • Travel Checklist

    Travel Checklist

    By Occupational & Environmental Medicine Physician Albert Rielly, MD Summer is thankfully right around the corner! Did you know in the United States more than 650 million cross-country trips are made every year? Road trips are one of the most com...