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Masters of Medical Education

The University of Dundee has an international reputation for excellence in medical education. Many of the recent innovations in medical education, such as the OSCE, the mini-CEX, and the spiral curriculum, were developed years ago at the University. Physicians and other health professionals are enrolled in the distance-learning program from all over the world, and over 250 physicians have received the Masters of Medical Education. The Masters program gives graduates a thorough understanding of relevant adult education theory, curriculum development and evaluation, learner assessment techniques, instructional design, and teaching techniques.

The Masters Program of the University of Dundee consists of a set of assignments, typically completed in the first year of the Fellowship, with a dissertation describing a medical education research project completed in the second year. The curriculum is designed to produce a well-rounded medical educator who can take a leadership role at the medical school, residency, or continuing medical education level of teaching.

Fellows work together and independently to complete the Masters assignments, which often consist of a project developed at the medical school or residency. Their work to complete the assignments is supported through the Fellowship seminars as well as via one-on-one work with Dr. Shaughnessy. Most assignments result in a tangible work product that results in a change to the curriculum of the medical school or residency teaching programs.