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BIKE 4 BOOKS HAS MOVED!  Join us on our new date this fall, October 22, to raise funds for books for CHA's kids. We're back at the Malkin Athletic Center at Harvard University from 12-5 pm. Sign up today!

THANK YOU for making last year's Bike 4 Books Spin-a-thon on Saturday, March 5, the best ever! We raised $25,000 for Project READ!

Bike 4 Books benefits Project READ (Read Each And Every Day), an initiative of the CHA Department of Pediatrics that promotes childhood literacy in a medical setting. All money raised will help purchase books to give to children who come to CHA for care.

Thank you to all who rode and sponsored this year's event. You made it so special! See our photos from the event.

Thank you to our individual donors!!

Lisa Annulis
Amy Anthony
Carolyn Ballard
Jill Batty
Allison Bayer
Daniel Bender
Lisa Brukilacchio
John Brusch
Juniper Burch
Nancy Busnach
Patricia Campbell
Sarah Canale
Eleni Carr
Mary Cassesso
Barbara Cassesso
Ann Cassesso-Ercolini
Chris Censullo
Lynda Ceremsak
Zachary Chalmers
Micaela Chelemer
Stephen Churchill
Bruce Cohen
Mike Colbert
Dennis Comeau
Ben Cook
Linda Coultas
Catherine Coultas
Timothy Coultas
Olivia Cruz
Lynn Cunningham
Joy Curtis
Caitlin D'Agata
Sandra DeJong
Selena Dellarocco
Lisa Dobberteen
Aida Doo
Jessica Early
Amanda Early
David Elvin
Ann Elvin
Frank Elvin
Richard Fernandez
Stacy Fickler
Lenna Finger
Lisa Foley
Deborah Fraize 
Andrew Fuqua
Helen Gibbons
Maya Gomez-Coultas
Arleigh Goodwin
Andrea Gordon
Greg Hagan
Emily Hanson
Kate Harney
Meghan Heydt
Howard Horton
Anita Hurwitz
Claude Jacob
Marlon Joseph
Bruce Kalow
Madge Kaplan
Jill Kasper
Remi Kathawa
Kim Keough
Renee Kessler
Jai Singh Khalsa
Debbie Klein Walker
Judy Klickstein
Kathy Kosinski
Lauren Krumholz
Claire Laporte
Rebecca LeBlanc
Neil Leifer
Barbara Lester
Marcy Lidman
Beth Long
Rebecca Lucente
Alanna Mallon
William Mallon
Nina Marlowe
Robert Marra
Bonnie Martin
George Maxted
Gerry McCue
Rob Meyer
Ben Milligan
Rachel Nardin
Carol Ndegwa
Nathaniel Novod
Jeff Nussbaum
Constance Nuzzo
Nicole O'Connor
Laura and Matt Olton
David Osler
Elizabeth Parlee
Rishita Patel
Dawn Peters
Elizabeth Phipps-Soeiro
Kelly Polinski
Maureen Pompeo
Gervasio Prado
Adele Pressman
Mark Primeau
Ray Rhatigan
Lawrence Rosenberg
Jill Rosier
Anna Ruman
William Rutnam
Lucienne Sanchez
Greg Sawin
Assaad Sayah
Lynn Scull
Bonnie and Paul Sellew
Ellen Semonoff
Carrie Sheinberg
Christopher Simons
Peter Simshauser
Susan Sklan
Virgina Smith
Julie and Phillip Stern
Laura Sullivan
Vilean Taggersell
Charles Taylor
Glover Taylor
Brian Tierney
Paul Trane
Carol VanDeusen Lukas
Pat Wardell
Michael Williams
Nicholas Wilson
Jo-Ann Winston
Cathy Wirth

    Thank you to our 2016 event sponsors!

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