Clinical Scholarship Expectations

The Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) requires that all training programs meet standards in the area of scholarship. According to the guidelines, faculty is responsible for ensuring there is an environment of inquiry and scholarship. Scholarship is required of both faculty and fellows. In the Department of Psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance and at Harvard Medical School, scholarship is defined broadly and may include the scholarship of discovery, the scholarship of integration, the scholarship of teaching, and the scholarship of application. Guidance and technical support should be provided to fellows by faculty. The scholarship requirement of the child psychiatry fellowship program is designed to meet the ACGME requirements and provide flexibility for fellows to pursue special scholarly interests. While all clinical service experiences, supervision, and seminars are an integral part of developing scholarship, specific components are intended to address the development of attitudes, skills and behaviors that lead to a potential academic career. These are:

  1. Introduction to Scholarly Activities Seminar, Summer Seminar, First Year
  2. Clinical Scholarship Seminar, Sept-June, both years; Critical Evaluation of a paper in answer to a clinical, PICO-based question in the First Year; presentation for scholarship requirement in Second Year.
  3. Presentations during Preschool Observation Rotation, Community Service Agency rotation, Neurology rotation, and Harvard Consolidated Seminar in First Year
  4. Option of preparing a poster for Mysell Research Day and CHA Poster Day.
  5. Completion of scholarly project during Second Year elective time